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Dig Me Now.

 The Survey:
~*The Basics*~
Name: Tiffani -with an "i" at the end. people are always getting it wrong :[
Nickname: tiffina* white girl
Age: 17
Location: indiana. Literally next to a corn field haha but it's fun to play in!
Heritage: german & irish and i don't know what else. mother was a whore.
Eye Colour: brown
Hair Colour: natural brunette but it changes occasionally.
Height/Weight: too short and too thin. 5'3 98lbs.
Music: i listen to whatever sounds good to me. and for the record i think radio disney is the shit. and hillary duff's songs put me in a damn good mood too! go ahead. leave me hate comments see if i care
Band(s): the von bondies, the new red, pilot to gunner, say hi to your mom, & deathcab
Colour: green
Movie(s): the breakfast club & big fish
Book(s): Smack & the Great Gatsby
TV Show(s): nip/tuck & i have an unhealthy obsession with theOC. what can i say?
Season: FALL! by far fall is the greatest season ever.
Hobbies//Interests: ART, dance, body modification & roadtrips. 
~*Your Views On*~
Gays: whatever spins your record. i love gay boys.
Racism: it's pretty fucked up. ignorance is a pet peeve of mine
Sexism: pretty lame as well.
War: "a nessisary evil"  not every war in history has been justified, obviously.  most people don't like war, and i don't either but i think extremests who protest war somtimes forget the fact that they are allowed to do so because wars have been fought in the past.   if you don't agree that's just peachy. i'm just a natural neutral.
Drugs: they're obviously not healthy. i wouldn't judge someone for doing them, but i'd help them if it got to be too much.
Drinking: risky but if you're responsible it's a hell of a lot of fun!!!!
Sex: VIRGIN*sigh* nothing wrong with it until you cross the line and turn into a slut/manwhore.
Self-Mutilation:  i don't do it but i understand it. sad.
Abortion: that's situational for me. TOTALLY AGAINST PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTIONS though
Religion: raised a christian, not much of anything anymore.
Got anything witty to say? Make us laugh. you make me laugh first.
Tell us your most scandolous moment:  my friend and i ran away to kentucky for a night & i made him drive my piece of jank with no license. what a rebel! [sarcasm] haha
What would you do for a Klondike bar? i'd pay the freakin 52cents and buy one. that's what i'd do
I just licked you. What do you do? lick you back. and then i'd lick my finger and stick it in your ear because THAT feeling is annoying and hard to get rid of :D
Give one quote that best describes your life:
"I came back restless.  Instead of being the warm center of the world the middle-west now seemed like the ragged edge of the universe-"  -Nick in the Great Gatsby

~*Just Curious*~
Where did you hear about this community? i just saw it randomly in someones info
Why did you decide to join? because i was bored, and i've never put myself out there to be rated or what-not. plus i like looking at peoples photography.
Do you think you will be accepted? i dunno, i'm kind of a beast and i don't have wings like technopudding does. <see how i'm sucking up. slick eh?

i really hate to be in front of cameras

i like how i never grow. yeah. not really.

photography project

this one is.... well i have absolutely no idea.

yeah i'm a sexy bitch.

i love babies!!!!

my brother and sister just because i think they're cuter than me and you both.

it's pretty and you know you like it


wow i got a little carried away with the pics.my apologies in advance. be nice to me!

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