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dig me now

The Survey:

~*The Basics*~

Name: kady
Nickname: kage
Age: 20
Location: grand rapids
Heritage: puerto rican, chilean, white
Eye Colour: blue
Hair Colour: mostly pink, but it changes sometimes
Height/Weight: 5'7'' 110


Music: folk, ska, punk, reggae, world, hip-hop
Band(s): moldy peaches, leftover crack, gondwana, wesley willis
Colour: pink and orange
Movie(s): coffe and ciggarettes, amelie
Book(s): anything by vonnegut
TV Show(s): doug
Season: summer
Hobbies//Interests: music, singing, dancing, photography, people.

~*Your Views On*~

Gays: love gays, and i beleive that we are all part gay, so why discriminate.
Racism: is bullshit.
Sexism: is only funny when your drunk.
War: should be prohibited
Drugs: should be moderated on a personal level, but now with national laws.
Drinking: same as drugs, its a personal issue.
Sex: is great.
Self-Mutilation: should be avoided, care for people... look out for others.
Abortion: im pro-choice, we should try to prevent children growing up in bad situations.
Religion: none currently.


Got anything witty to say? Make us laugh. my bed is seriously a pile of old clothes.
Tell us your most scandolous moment: getting caught having sex on a nature trail, and telling the officer, "we're not quite done yet."
What would you do for a Klondike bar? never had one.
I just licked you. What do you do? start a licking fight with you... i always win... =P
Give one quote that best describes your life: she's telling everyone,
that there was a blue sky, she left behind
And there's a place that no one knows about,
Away from integrity she writes a book in her head that nobody will read

stupid song by no use... haha

~*Just Curious*~

Where did you hear about this community? i looked up moldy peaches for interests.
Why did you decide to join? i like cuteness, i was hoping maybe im cuteness too?
Do you think you will be accepted? i hope so! =D

Pictures of your cute lil self :o):

im the one with pink hair

im the one with pink hair! =D

am i cute?

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