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The Survey:

~*The Basics*~

Name: gwen
Nickname: gwennie, gwendelon, gwenithol, gwenith, g thang much more...
Age: 14
Location: florida
Heritage: phillipino/american
Eye Colour: brown
Hair Colour: brown
Height/Weight: 5ft 2. 110.


Music: emo,screamo
Band(s): vendetta red, taking back sunday, further seems forever, the get up kids
Colour: green.
Movie(s): hm i dont have one but if i could watch one movie everyday and not get tired of it it would be the princess diaries :)
Book(s): well i dont read much but i'll have to say stoner & spaz
TV Show(s): mad tv
Season: hmm spring.
Hobbies//Interests: playing my guitar, riding my bike with sara

~*Your Views On*~

Gays: i think gays should be able to get married where ever they please.
Racism: its stupid were all the same.
Sexism: i think we all should be equal.
War: sometimes its just what you have to do to defened your country but attackign iraq
Drugs: dont really have a view. i just think you need to be responsible.
Drinking: same as drugs.
Sex: most people belive in pre-marital sex but sometimes you have to test drive it ya know ;)
Self-Mutilation: i dont understand why people would do that.
Abortion: in some cases i think you should have the choice like if your raped but in others your the one that put yourself in that position and thats your consiqence.
Religion: i dont really have much to say on that.


Got anything witty to say? Make us laugh. i wish i were a grapefruit and i will tell you why, when you come to eat me i will squirt you in the eye!
Tell us your most scandolous moment: the other day my mom whispered to me "gwen you want to go to the mall" we told her finace' danny we were going grocery shopping.- scandolous!
What would you do for a Klondike bar? go to my kitchen open the freezer door and grab one! we have a box full of chocolate ones yummmay.
I just licked you. What do you do? lick the spot were you licked me..o0o lala.
Give one quote that best describes your life: scars heal, glorie fades and all were left with are the memories made. pain hurts but only for a minute life is live it!

~*Just Curious*~

Where did you hear about this community? i heard it thru the actually, i looked up something and found this!
Why did you decide to join? cause i thought it would be fun.
Do you think you will be accepted? umm who knows if i am, neato! if not o well guess i'm not cute enuff!

Pictures of your cute lil self :o):

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