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The Survey:

~*The Basics*~

Name: amanda
Nickname: manda
Age: 16
Location: iowa
Eye Colour: hazel
Hair Colour: brown
Height/Weight: 5'7"


Music: punk stuff, some rap, some rock, some r&b, different types.
Band(s): Nickelback, Chevelle, modest mouse, thursday
Colour: pink, blue, black
Movie(s): 10 things i hate about you, varsity blues
Book(s): to kill a mockingbird
TV Show(s):friends, everwood, that 70's show.
Season: spring
Hobbies//Interests: hanging out, being with my boy, being busy, driving, walking, star gazing, walking on the beach.

 ~*Your Views On*~

Gays: its their choice. i have nothing against them.
Racism: completely wrong. we are all human beings.
Sexism: we are all equal. haha. just have a few different parts. lol
War: how does this sound? "you did something to me now i am going to bomb you and shoot you down!"
Drugs: people can do what they want. if they want to screw up their lives so be it.
Drinking: its okay to do once in a while, but dont drive after you drink.
Sex: dont be a slut or whore or pimp or gross person by going out and having sex with everyone you see. if you love the person then do it.
Self-Mutilation:dont really know.
Abortion: totally against it. if you dont want to have a kid they use a condom.
Religion: not much to say about that.


Got anything witty to say? Make us laugh. not really in the jokable mood. i usually am but its night and i usually dont make jokes till i am tired or around my friends. sorry. ill find you one soon! i PROMISE!
Tell us your most scandolous moment: hmmm...dont really know.
What would you do for a Klondike bar? ask my mom for money if i really wanted one. not really big on Klondike bars.
I just licked you. What do you do? just wonder what just happend. lol
Give one quote that best describes your life: It is better to have loved and lost Than never to have loved at all.

~*Just Curious*~

Where did you hear about this community? just searching through livejournal.
Why did you decide to join? this might be interesting.
Do you think you will be accepted? No, but i think its better to try then not to try at all.

Pictures of your cute lil self :o):

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