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The Survey:

~*The Basics*~

Name: Melissa
Nickname: Melis, missa, girlyfriend
Heritage:Dutch? i'm really not sure. hmm, maybe indian
Eye Colour:Green/Blue
Hair Colour:Blonde
Height/Weight:5'4"/135..there's nothing wrong with being chubby.:)


Music:Any kind really, i'm really open minded

Band(s): Hellogoodbye, The Chariot, Norma Jean, The format, I can make a mess like nobody's business. And then i turned seven, haste the day, as i lay dying, and more.
Colour:Seafoam green.
Movie(s):White oleander/ My girl/ malibu's most wanted /hedwig and the angry inch
Book(s):Stargirl/Stranger with my face/nothing feels good/the perks of being a wallflower (duh)
TV Show(s):Degrassi, or strange love
Hobbies//Interests: I play softball, I make shirts, I sing, i play piano. And I write. Oh, and I destroy worlds with my palms.

~*Your Views On*~

Gays:they are very nice people, I don't think it's right, but i don't think it's wrong, I try to stay away from that question, it's very iffy.
Racism:I live in oklahoma, and it's horrible here. I hate it. Everyone has feelings, and everyone has skin, if you want to get technical, then wouldn't people hate people, a shade lighter than them? It's riduculous
Sexism:I've never really witnessed it first hand, I beleive it's bad though
War:I also try not to get on this subject
Drugs:a waste of time, money, and good brain cells!!
Drinking:It makes people do very very stupid things, I would never drink.
Sex:wait until your married, so you know the person you're with, really wants you for you, not your body.
Self-Mutilation:It's a hard problem to deal with, I try to help people with it.
Abortion:I would never do it, I won't need to, i'm waiting until i'm married.
Religion:I'm a Christian, I love God with all of my heart, and i'm proud of it. I have no reason to deny my faith for someone who died for me. I mean, how could you?


Got anything witty to say? Make us laugh.I don't know your sense of humor. I don't know what to say. One time, I danced. see, I suck.
Tell us your most scandolous moment:oh yeah, so today I picked up all my friends and I was GOING to see Hellogoodbye, and those little tards didn't show up. I was appalled.
What would you do for a Klondike bar?Gross, I would kick that dumb polar bear in his dumb fat face.
I just licked you. What do you do?probably looks at you with a goofy face, slap my face, then say "GROSS!!" and laugh a lot.
Give one quote that best describes your life:Hi, my life is a box of chocolates, like forrest. gumb. gump i mean.

~*Just Curious*~

Where did you hear about this community?In somebody's livejournal, i don't really remember.
Why did you decide to join? I like communitys like this, and the mod's seemed real nice. like apples. mhmm. hi.
Do you think you will be accepted? Maybe, I hope so. I'd probably bake some cookies.

Pictures of your cute lil self :o):

I like to giggle.

I look like a tard.

I make dumb faces.

My boyfriend is gorgeous.<3


Thank you<3




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